Body of Water: A Retrospective

bodywaterhi-resNow I’m working on the final part of The Orcadian Novels, I’ve been reflecting on the first—Body of Water—that will always have a special place in my heart.

It was my first novel. Sure, I’d been published before, both as a food writer and as co-author of M/M Romance Isali Dreams, but this was my baby.

The title came first, springing from my love of the ocean and a strong desire to write a contemporary fantasy story set in the UK and featuring a main character with the power over water.

My research into water-related magic took me straight up to Orkney via the wonderful Orkneyjar website. As soon as I started reading through the wealth of information curated by Sigurd Towrie, I was hooked. Here were the building blocks for my overall story’s folklore and my main character’s backstory.

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Out Now: Goodman’s Child

Copy of goodman'sMy new eBook, Goodman’s Child, is a short story set in Orkney.

Inspired by the Orcadian folklore story The Goodman o’ Wastness, which I read during research for Memory of Water, it centres on the plight of Moire, a woman trapped by her husband in the small croft house they share with their sick son.

Moire has spent years trying to escape Goodman and now she has a chance.

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