Off Camera Hits Top 10!

I’m excited to report that Off Camera is currently the 7th bestselling LGBT romance eBook on Kobo.

Thank you so much for your support. I love my readers!

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Stu Reviews: Custom Fit by Josephine Myles

Book cover for M/M Romance Custom Fit by Josephine MylesI’d been excited to read Custom Fit by Josephine Myles, the second book in the M/M RomanceĀ Tailor Made series, ever since I read the first book, Tailor Made.

This book picks up soon after Tailor Made left off, with new boyfriends Felix and Andrew coming to terms with the harsh financial reality of trying to make it together on student loan and a part time job.

What I find refreshing about Jo’s writing is that her men aren’t the fetishised muscle gods who usually frequent M/M Romance books but the kind of guys you’d be likely to meet in any British student town.

What’s more, the story involves Felix’s growing compulsion to wear women’s clothing, his own reaction to that compulsion, and Andrew’s reaction.

Jo absolutely captures that can’t-keep-my-hands-off-you feeling that new love gives but also that how-much-should-I-tell-you feeling, too.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely.

You can buy it here (affiliate link).