What Kind of Writer am I?

Untitled designDiscovering who I am as a writer is something that grew out of my master’s degree.

Until that point, I’d concentrated on M/M Romance, but the course encouraged me to try a range of writing for page, stage and screen, and my final project was a full-length screenplay for a contemporary romance.

(I also have a penchant for writing funny Northern women. Who knew?)

Learning who I am as a writer helped me to find my voice, and learning how I work best makes me more productive.

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Body of Water: A Retrospective

bodywaterhi-resNow I’m working on the final part of The Orcadian Novels, I’ve been reflecting on the first—Body of Water—that will always have a special place in my heart.

It was my first novel. Sure, I’d been published before, both as a food writer and as co-author of M/M Romance Isali Dreams, but this was my baby.

The title came first, springing from my love of the ocean and a strong desire to write a contemporary fantasy story set in the UK and featuring a main character with the power over water.

My research into water-related magic took me straight up to Orkney via the wonderful Orkneyjar website. As soon as I started reading through the wealth of information curated by Sigurd Towrie, I was hooked. Here were the building blocks for my overall story’s folklore and my main character’s backstory.

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Why Writers Need to Play

Play is the highest form of research.After two years of hard study for my MA in Professional Writing, I was looking forward to getting back to my own novel and put all my new-found knowledge to use, but when I sat down I just felt—bleurgh.

I’m burned out, I thought. I need to take a break and let my creative well refill. But two years of writing to strict deadlines, plus writing contextual essays about my writing, had got me into a solid, daily writing routine, and I wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

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