Introducing Michael Luca

Many writers use multiple pen names for different types of fiction, and I’m no exception.

I’d like to introduce you to Michael Luca, my pen name for the fiction that strays more towards the erotic end of the spectrum.

Out now is Off Camera:

Three years after a brief fling with a gay porn star who told him he could make it big in the industry, Lewis arrives in London with dreams of doing just that.

But from his first camera test through to signing with top studio Full Throttle, he learns that the gay porn industry has its own set of rules, and that it’s what happens off camera that either makes your career or breaks your heart.

off camera

Buy it here!


Author: Stuart Wakefield

I want to live in a world where toys are free, washing machines never break down, and everybody gets a happy ending. As an author, I’ve written a Kindle best seller, been nominated for the Polari First Book Prize and People’s Book Prize, and experienced the all-consuming fear of reading my work at London’s Southbank Centre. When I’m not writing, you can find me working with other authors as a Developmental Editor.

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