What Kind of Writer am I?

Untitled designDiscovering who I am as a writer is something that grew out of my master’s degree.

Until that point, I’d concentrated on M/M Romance, but the course encouraged me to try a range of writing for page, stage and screen, and my final project was a full-length screenplay for a contemporary romance.

(I also have a penchant for writing funny Northern women. Who knew?)

Learning who I am as a writer helped me to find my voice, and learning how I work best makes me more productive.

Understanding that all writers are different was an essential step in building my writing confidence, and the opportunity to read and critique my fellow students’ work helped me to understand that we all have our own style.

My humorous writing is much like Victoria Wood’s. My writing habits are much like Stephen King’s. I’m happiest writing for a solid 4-5 hours at a desk just as I would any other day job. I don’t need the mood to take me, and I don’t get writer’s block (yay!).

I write lean text that, if I’m honest, lends itself to screenwriting more than any other form. That’s how I see my novels – up on screen. If I can see the scene in motion, I can write it.

I hate planning, but it’s a necessary evil to make sure I write as little as possible that’s going to hit the bin.

If you’re a writer, what kind of writer are you?


Author: Stuart Wakefield

I want to live in a world where toys are free, washing machines never break down, and everybody gets a happy ending. As an author, I’ve written a Kindle best seller, been nominated for the Polari First Book Prize and People’s Book Prize, and experienced the all-consuming fear of reading my work at London’s Southbank Centre. When I’m not writing, you can find me working with other authors as a Developmental Editor.

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